Las Vegas Pool Party

Las Vegas Pool Party
Date Saturday 08 September 2018
Place Rehab Beach Club
Time 12:00 am
Ends at 12:00 am
Line-up Laidback Luke
Mark Villa
Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf
What is this about?
For this special occasion, we are bringing in our top dogs Laidback Luke, Mark Villa and Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf. And this will actually be the first time our junior Read more
Villa ventures to The States - starting with the party Valhalla VEGAS! 

What can we say about Rehab Beach Club? Everyone knows that some of the best partying in Las Vegas happens daytime poolside. If you are looking for Rock Star Lemonades, world-famous DJs, celebrity guests and the best time you'll have in Vegas - you know you are right to come down to Rehab! The beautiful, the tattooed, the rich, the famous, large and small -everyone who likes to get down will be joining Laidback Luke, Mark Villa and Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf on September 3rd. 

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