Tank & Cheetah x Mordkey - Everything I Said


Tank & Cheetah, the mysterious DJ/producers originally hailing from South Africa, are back on Mixmash Deep! Teaming up with the talented upriser Mordkey, the producers bust out a deeper vibing future house track with some stellar chord progressions. Mark December 8th in your calendar, that’s when ‘Everything I Said’ drops on all portals!
Back On Track
Producers Tank & Cheetah have been somewhat of an enigma to date. Releasing tracks at various intervals, the duo now officially confirmed they have multiple tracks lined up and working on a permanent European visa to fuel their career accordingly. Rebuilding their studio in the heart of dance music, Amsterdam, they state: ‘We are super happy to be back in Amsterdam, it’s been a long road but it really feels we’re back on track! This collab with Mordkey marks the start of something good!’

About the artists
Growing up in Paris for a decade prior to moving to New York, Mordkey was predisposed to developing an eclectic music taste. Discovering music production on his own from a young age, after finishing high school, he took things to the next level. His most recent milestone? The official remix together with Mastrovita for Lost Frequencies - Here With You has a staggering 830K plays on Spotify to date!

Tank & Cheetah however, are not so known in the scene. Last summer they collabed with Felix Leiter on ‘Something Special’ and you might also know them from ‘Trust’ their collab with DSB. For now, we can confirm that their creativity is back on track and the two have taken up residency in their studio once again. Make sure to keep an eye out for their future musical extravaganzas and add ‘Everything I Said’ to your favourite playlist for endless enjoyment.

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