Ones To Watch - HYENA EP


OTW is back with the second EP of the year; ‘Hyena’. Hyenas are most feared for their power when operating in packs, very similar to this EP. Combining forces in this epic collection are Herve Pagez & BIGGS, Sebastian Bronk and Basky x Tekraw x Red Magic. Delivering three massive bangers ready for club domination, ‘Hyena EP’ drops June 6 as a FREE DOWNLOAD!
With tracks by Herve Pagez, BIGGS, Sebastian Bronk, Basky, Tekraw and Red Magic, the Hyena EP adds fresh new faces to the roster of artists ready to claim their spot as most exciting acts to look out for in the time to come.

With three heavy hitting tracks, the Hyena EP follows the line of EP’s released on Ones To Watch Records in the past that have people still talking about. Just like the previous Piranha EP, the Hyena EP will be available on all major portals, next to the Free Download by the day of release. 

Out now, download it for FREE!

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