Mixmash Records celebrates 15 year anniversary!

That’s right! 15 years ago already, time flies! Mixmash Records celebrates it’s 15 year anniversary in 2019, and we’re not letting this one go by quiet! It was 15 years ago when Laidback Luke decided to give birth to what quickly became the home for countless DJ’s and producers who would be called superstars today!

15 Years of Mixmash and so many memories and too many highlights to recall! That’s why we want to reminisce, with you! Together with DJ’s, Producers and several key players in 15 years of Mixmash Records, we will take you through all the highlights, telling you the story of 15 years of Mixmash Records! And you are a vital part of it!

It’s part of our DNA!
From the diversity of music released, to the wild party’s we throw, to bringing you talent you might not know yet but needs to be on your radar. Everything we put out in the last 15 years is what is characteristic for the Mixmash DNA! And this year we will show you ALL that goes in to making sure you get the music you need. Taking you from behind the scenes to the main stage of the biggest events worldwide, the celebration of 15 years is something we can’t throw without the DJ’s, Producers, fans and people behind the scenes who made this all happen. So this year is for you!

‘Mixmash Memories’
Kicking off our ‘Mixmash Memories’ series is none other than Laidback Luke, having founded the label 15 years ago, Luke tells you his favorite Mixmash Memory in all fifteen years of being the mind behind the label. And not only does he tell you the story of Mixmash, we want to know YOUR memories too! Which track holds a special place in your heart? Which Mixmash Event stole your heart, where was the first time you heard your favorite Mixmash track, you recall, you tell us! 15 Years of Mixmash Records would have never been possible without all of you, the listeners, the fans, the lovers of the music we release, so we want you to be a part of all the celebrations!

So? What can I expect!
Every 15th of the month, somebody else will take center stage in our Mixmash Memories, adding something unique to 15 years of Mixmash Records, but the celebration is much more! Expect more music, merchandise, Mixmash party’s and of course more of you! More personal messages, giveaways, contests, you name it! This is going to be a busy year, so make sure you follow us on Social Media and be the first to know!

But we don’t stop at the 15th of month, special releases all year long, special events and some super secret plans for all the producers looking for that next step in their careers! 

More news, very soon! For now, enjoy Laidback Luke’s ‘Mixmash Memory’ and make sure to drop yours in our Facebook Messenger BOT, by clicking right here!