GRAB SOME POPCORN! Our PAROOKAVILLE after movie just dropped
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GRAB SOME POPCORN! Our PAROOKAVILLE after movie just dropped

From dusk till midnight... We took over PAROOKAVILLE's Desert Valley Stage and brought chaos and mayhem! We showed our true colors and now, it's time to brag about it... This is the ROCKIN WITH THE BEST after movie. 

Family First

At Mixmash, we are all about family. We value the bond we have with our artists highly and really invest time and energy in building lasting relations with these boys (and girls of course). But, you can't build relations if you don't create memories together... So PAROOKAVILLE was the perfect time to take a moment and rekindle those ties. 

Rockin With The Best - the challenges, the laughs, the joys, the memories

For us as team Mixmash, PAROOKAVILLE started way before the festival obviously. From logistics to deciding the lineup, prepping our artists and doing as much promo as possible - we work hard and love it!

To enhance the family vibes, we picked up all the artists from their homes or airport and prepared some fun challenges backstage. To say the least, this was funny as hell! We even dragged Pyrodox onto the campsite in a gator to do a pop-up set :D

As the day developed and the sun started to set, the beat intensified and we brought some serious madness to the Desert Valley. Without saying too much, just check out this epic after movie and see for yourself how we are Rockin With The Best!

x Team Mixmash x