Lady Bee - A Heavy Bass With An Urban Feel To It: ‘Night And Day’ By Lady Bee


Lady Bee comes blasting through your speaker once again with heavy bass banger ‘Night and Day’. Night and Day is a combination of Lady Bee’s signature heavy bass sound and the soulful vocals of Dorothy Sherman. Truly a match made in heaven, makes us want to go back to the track every (night and) day.
The lyrics have a graceful simplicity in the way they capture the struggle of women when they are romantically into someone, but want to avoid the judgement of others. The verse “It’s the game we play, so they can’t say, look at her, she’s the type to give it up easily” is clear-cut, yet so strong that it gives meaning throughout the whole duration of the track.
The Lady Bee vibe is instantly recognizable, with its characteristic drums and bass. The energetic sirens in the drop add a vivid urban feel to the song, which enhance the message of the ongoing day-and-night game.
The deep vocals that complement the instrumentals, are the work of Dorothy Sherman. Dorothy is no stranger to the Dance scene, for in the past she has toured the world as one half of the EDM due Shermanology. Now, as a solo vocalist, she carries on this legacy in various collaborations. 
With festivals and performances being off the table for the summer of 2020, Lady Bee makes sure that her sound reaches her fans through frequent banging new releases. Earlier releases ‘Set’ and ‘Let Me Go’ proved her capabilities of catching the crowd with over 100K streams in the first month and features in leading Spotify Playlists like 360 Dance, Hot New Dance, Friday Cratediggers. Keep an eye out for more, cause this woman's not planning on slowing down!


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