Gil Everest feat. Lady Bee - Anybody Else


The young Swiss artist had moved on to the actual art of DJing, learning his craft from the bottom up, grafting at school, birthdays and wedding parties. At 16, he not only landed his first professional club contract at a well known bar in Lausanne, but began a 15-year-long career as a DJ on influential Swiss dance station Rouge FM.
Returning from the White Island, Gil focused his energies towards his new ambitions. his style now flowed deftly between house music and EDM, incorporating the acapellas of the old school with the beats of the new. Turning his attention towards creating his own music, Gil gathered together a collective of talented musicians.
For his next project he is joined by our very own Lady Bee. Together they went to work and created a new banger. Their track 'Anybody Else' just dropped via Mixmash deep. Check it out now!

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