Laidback Luke x Raven & Kreyn - Bam Bam


Joining forces with French powerhouses Raven & Kreyn, Laidback Luke is back with a new club banging track! The energetic collaboration titled 'Bam Bam' feels like a straight fit for every DJ -set and (workout) playlist! With its activating vibe and motivational feel, Laidback Luke and Raven & Kreyn collaborate for the first time and the track is bound to make a way into your favourites quickly!
You know what time it is when this track comes up on your playlist. ‘Bam Bam’ bursts with the energy you need to get things done! Our always active Laidback Luke sure knows how to get you motivated during your workout and put all his motivation into this track together with Raven & Kreyn. So add this one to your favourite playlist, get yourself in that gym, turn up the volume and generate that motivation from ‘Bam Bam’! Available on all your streaming portals now. 

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