Laidback Luke feat. Ally Brooke - Dance It Off (GATTÜSO Remix)


Gattuso is Israeli DJ/producer, Reem Taoz, currently based in New York City. Long a lover of electronic music, Gattuso also known as GATTÜSO has rapidly made a name for himself on the house music scene. DJ Gattuso first came out with his song, ”Who We Are” featuring Myah, which has been featured on Spotify’s leading playlists such as Mint and Dance Rising. He got in contact with Laidback Luke via social media where they instantly clicked and because they both live in New York they stayed in contact to create cool things together and hang out from time to time! It was an easy choice to make a remix of Luke’s latest release "Dance It Off" featuring Ally Brooke. The new Gattüso remix is out on all portals now! Check it out!



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