Bora & AVADOX - Do It To Them


Boris Sobieraj, known as BORA in the musical industry, is an Argentinian DJ and producer who was born in 1991. 

He started his musical career in 2012 and he has been developing his style and adjusting it along with the global scene dynamic. He uses his versatile music to achieve his main goal: that no one can stop dancing in clubs around the world!
From Buenos Aires to the rest of the world, his tracks have been enjoyed by thousands of people in many international festivals.

For his brand new track, he collaborated with AVADOX. Ales Belehar, better known as AVADOX, is a progressive/electro/big room house DJ and has been in the music business for years. From ’92 he became a DJ for a wider festival public and played in the bigger clubs and festivals.

The development of his current sounds are inspired by the different cultures from Europe,Africa, Asia and the United States.

Bora & AVADOX- ‘Do It To Them’ is out now on Mixmash Bold!