Boges ft. Salvo - For The Gram


25-years-old Shoon Robben also known as Boges from Connecticut has produced many genres for the past 10 years. However, he started producing house music in January 2019 after he attended EDC Orlando where he fell in love with the genre. He is continually evolving his sound and has put a unique spin on every one of his tracks. Continue to look out for his music going forward as he has many exciting projects coming out soon.

Salvo blends the brooding energy of dark electro-pop with classical elegance to create tracks that are vital and urgent, putting her at the forefront of the modern music industry. She has collaborated with artists from around the world, while also
maintaining a solo career that showcases her glittering voice and emotionally powerful songwriting. Currently based in New Jersey, she is hard at work creating innovative new music and expanding her global audience.

Boges and Salvo went into the studio together to work on a project, to record some tracks together. After a few studio sessions, a new track was created! 'For The Gram' is out now via Mixmash Bold! Check it out and let us know what you think.


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