Golden duo Krosses are back on Mixmash with a brand new solo release! Connecting both their worlds (UK & India) through music, their track 'Gold' boosts a real out of the box eclectic sound and feel. Get carried away on the beautiful vocal and build up leading to an ethnic vibing, high energy drop and add some seriously positive vibes to your playlist. Out now on all portals, make sure to listen to this gem right now!
Building on a new story
With ‘Gold’ the guys have created another epic production - the quality of the mix and the balance between all the different elements in the track make this one pure bliss to listen to!
Krosses: "Gold really is about that ‘golden’ moment you find the right person you've been searching for, and you confess how much they mean to you! Telling them all the things you'd do for them and promising that no matter what you'll stick by them for rich or poor."
About the artists
Krosses is a duo that is partly from India and partly from the UK. Elias and Rohan met online on a music platform and connected immediately. What sets this act apart is the impact of several cross cultural influences and experiences, which facilitates their composition of a range of eclectic music. Heavily influenced by Calvin Harris, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind And Fire, Axwell, and basically anything that tickles their musical snares, Krosses is the one duo to watch for 2017.

Get carried away on the vibing vocal and beautiful build up leading to a ethnic high energy drop, this one will do great in playlists and parties for months to come. Out now!

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