Laidback Luke feat. Shiah Maisel - Good Again


So the first new release of our big boss followed up his release of last year.
It started with a sample of a raven and kreyn. There was already this project being worked on from both sides. Until someone came to the conclusion that there should be another vocal on it. Luke was approached by shiah Waisel, a singer/songwriter from New York. Luke started working on it again and made a demo version. This ended up at raven and kreyn who immediately thought it was great. 

Laidback Luke his very first release of 2021 called ‘Good Again’ featuring Shiah Maisel is out now on all portals. Did you know this track started off as a collaboration between Luke and Raven & Kreyn? Check out Luke his latest vlog for the full behind the scenes story. Luke contacted Shiah for some fresh vocals via instagram DM and that’s where it all started. Shiah says that writing music “provides [him] with the opportunity to help express deep and sometimes painful emotions, and connect with others and show that no one is alone in their struggles.” Producers are starting to catch on to Shiah’s abilities and he is slowly becoming unstoppable. Take this together with Luke’s production skills and you’ve got some magic right there.

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