Jeonghyeon & Ruta feat. Brenton Mattheus - Nothing Else Matters


Jeongehyeon teamed up with Ruta in the studio to create music together. They created this lovely melody that you can hear in the song, also the track has a very energetic drop. Add the beautiful guitar and singing of Brenton Mattheus and you get ‘Nothing Else Matters’.

Jeongehyeon was born with a gift and his gift to you is his ever-growing passion to aim for innovation and perfection in music. Growing up in South Korea, discovered his interest in music when he started to produce his own tunes at a young age in life. By not defining music as a certain genre he developed his own sound, combining them with credible vocals and sweet fresh melodies to create something outstandingly beautiful.

Ruta has quite a lot of experiences as a guitarist playing in a band and meeting other artists he kept his self-reflective mind till graduation, after graduating from Hanrim Multi Art Highschool with a Guitarist major he decided to be a DJ producer due to the fact that he actually wants to focus on making the music he loves and also to share that with the audience.

Brenton Mattheus is a UK based singer/songwriter, making himself known in the world of EDM. With a passion for music, he has been one of the most in-demand artists and has delivered vocals on many highly successful projects. In addition to his EDM portfolio, Brenton is also focused on his solo work, bringing together his love for electronic music and his unique style of songwriting and vocal performance. 
Put these three together and a true banger like ‘Nothing Else Matters’ arises. Out now on all portals! Check it out!

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