MRVLZ & Gytlaz - Remedy


MRVLZ (Michael Leathers & Trent McAfee) are a California-based electronic duo who offers a unique, powerful, and emotional feeling with their work. They started building a name for themselves by DJing in clubs and bars around the Bay Area and dropping consistent Future House, Deep House, and Big Room hits. With no plans of slowing down, MRVLZ continues to bring a unique blend of electronic and natural elements that will leave you in the feels.
GYTLAZ is a DJ/producer very passionate to evolve his own unique sound. After releases such as “Chemicals”. The music never stopped, with GYTLAZ dropping incredible releases one after another. Solo tracks like 'Space Voices' and 'Chemicals' accompany collaborations such as ‘You Will Be There’ with MRVLZ. Which is only a small selection of his musical productions.

When you put these artists together in the studio the result is "Remedy". Their new track is a piece of art. A relaxed tempo with delicious sounds and a crazy melody.


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