Noah Ayrton & Boges - Rhythm


Pioneering his own blend of electronic dance music over the past two years, Canadian producer Noah Ayrton has carved a solid name for himself with a selection of outstanding originals and remixes which have caught the world’s attention. Noah has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition with his innovative style of rhythmic electro house and melodic future house.

The 22- year-old prodigy has proved his rise towards international stardom. Alongside his clear production talent, Noah Ayrton’s ability to showcase a stellar performance on-stage has earned him a reputation. From Europe to Asia, Africa and beyond, the producer is maintaining a lasting impression on a global scale.

In November 2018, Boges attended a festival where he fell in love with house music. That’s when his whole life changed. Since then, he has started producing house music and has already gained a lot of support. Boges is currently pushing the boundaries of house music, introducing a brand new sound that no one has ever heard of.

Noah Ayrton and Boges joined forces and made a banger of a track, called ‘Rhythm’. Which is now available via Mixmash Bold. Enjoy!


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