Laidback Luke feat. David Goncalves - Rolling Stone


The famous ‘Papa Was a Rolling Stone’ by The Temptations has been an evergreen for decades and narrates the story of a rock and roll father from the child’s perspective. This September 4th, Laidback Luke will release his very own version of this legendary hit. Laidback Luke’s ‘Rolling Stone’ features David Gonçalves and brings a wild, groovy sound and embeds this highly personal message to his 3 children.
Back when Luke was a young father, it wasn't just parenthood that was new to him. His DJ career had seen him break through internationally and this came with some immediate and unexpected challenges. Suddenly, Luke was constantly on the road, traveling the globe, making music between gigs, networking with promoters, doing interviews and living mostly at night through different time-zones. Needless to say that this was no easy task when also raising two young kids at the time. Luke has been very public with how he used to struggle with balancing his work and family obligations. It has taken Luke years to be able to get to a better place whilst also considering his own personal well being.

This is why ‘Rolling Stone” is such a personal one to Luke. It allows him to reflect on where he came from and recognize the mistakes he’s made, knowing he is now in a better place with all his children.

“I’ve always had a connection with this legendary vocal. The Rolling Stone part I linked to always being on the go. For over a decade, my carry-on luggage has been my home away from home. But a lifetime of touring and performing, what toll does that take on your family and loved ones? I’ve always tried my best to combine both and nowadays I am getting better at succeeding at it. This song is dedicated to my kids. Papa loves you! ❤️”

The official video will give us some insight into Luke’s relationship with his kids. Make sure to check it out on Friday the 11th!


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