Laidback Luke feat. David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (DJs From Mars Remix)


DJs From Mars brought the mash-up attitude to Electronic Dance Music. Their style is a 360° mix of any kind of music genre, with the addition of their "Alien" bass lines and beats. They started by remixing pop and rock hits for their own performances,
Just for fun, and soon they were recognized as one of the biggest names in the bootleg scene.

The US, China, India, Australia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia are on the list of their recent travels, and basically, every country in Europe has been visited by the Martians so far.

We are very happy to announce that their remix of 'Rolling Stone' by  Laidback Luke with David Goncalves is out now on all portals! We can guarantee that their shirt and tie were not wrinkled while making this remix.


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