Laidback Luke feat. David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (LANNÉ Remix)


LANNÉ is a DJ/producer trio from Hamburg/Germany, formed at the end of 2019. Starting their career with the really successful collab with Blaze U “Keep it Lit”. After a while, they started making music again with great success. That's why their monthly listeners went through the roof and their Spotify followers were above 1.3 million. 

You could say the year started pretty well for LANNÉ, in addition to the fact that they have been releasing new songs throughout the year. At the beginning of 2020, they have already released twenty singles so far. 

We're proud to have this talented trio release their remix of 'Rolling Stone' by Laidback Luke featuring David Goncalves on Mixmash Records. Their identity remains the same with no idea who the mysterious trio is.


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