Keti-Koti Official Holiday

On July 1st we celebrate Keti-Koti

Keti-Koti on July 1st remembers and celebrates the official end of slavery in the former Dutch colonies in 1863. The formerly enslaved were still forced to work for their previous owners for 10 years, marking the real beginning of their freedom in July 1873. The pivotal role of the Netherlands makes for a very uncomfortable reflection on its history and today’s issues with race and equality. As a Dutch-based team we want to acknowledge this. July 1st is a day we will use to continue our journey of self-reflection and self-education. As of now, we are implementing July 1st as an official holiday at our offices in honor of Keti-Koti and we will be Out of Office. We highly encourage others to join us in this initiative❤️

For more information about slavery in the former Dutch colonies: