Find your perfect music match and collaborate on ‘We Found Love’ Remix!

Connect through music

Mixmash Dating is connecting producers to collaborate on their ‘We Found Love Remix’!  With the launch of Mixmash Dating on April the 27th, our one-of-a-kind matchmaking tool for producers, we connect you to your ‘We Found Love’ remix collaboration partner.

After the amazing music match between Laidback Luke and Steff Da Campo, it now is your turn to connect through music and get creative. Once matched to your ultimate music match, you will receive the stems of the track and it is your job to get creative and create your remix for ‘We Found Love’ together which will be released officially on Mixmash Records

In a time where we all feel separated from one another, it is time to let music bring us closer together! Bringing together like-minded musicians creates food for ideas and creativity. By combining the knowledge and talent of multiple individuals, creations come forth that you otherwise would never imagine. 

This is exactly what happened in the creation of We Found Love. As Laidback Luke explains: “For years I’ve had the vocal but I couldn't nail the drop on the track. I made various versions of it, but it was never there so to say. I sent the sketch of the track, without any drops to Steff and he nailed the drop! After that, he sent the track back to me and I added my extra tweaks on it, did the mastering and there was ‘We Found Love’!" Inspirational as this collaboration has turned out to be, we are giving you the chance to experience the same. 

INSTRUCTIONS: fill in your details on Mixmash Dating before May. After the 4th of May, the Mixmash Records team will match the best partners for an ultimate collaboration based on years of experience, style, and production software. You will receive an email with your collab partner’s details, and the stems of the track. After this, it’s your job to get in touch with your partner, and combine your talents to produce your version of We Found Love. Submission deadline: May 24. The very best remix will be released on Mixmash Records!

So go ahead and sign up, discover your perfect music match, and compete!